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While a lot of good, even great, Bourbons are made all over the planet, there’s just nothing like being in the beverage’s birthplace—Kentucky. It’s a pilgrimage to put on your hot list if you love the American Spirit.

From Central Arkansas, the heart of the KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL® is a one day drive. Several of the distilleries along the KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL® are concentrated between Louisville and Lexington, making many stops on the tour accessible in a short time. Walk through a few of the visitors’ centers at these facilities and you’ll be pinching yourself—yes, you’re really at the distilleries where Knob Creek or Four Roses are made!—and immersed in the experience (you can dip your own bottle of Maker’s Mark into the wax sealant, making a one-of-a-kind souvenir or gift.) Tours usually run during daylight hours, last about an hour and end with tastings of the distiller’s craft Bourbons. 

People have tried to pin down the reason that makes Kentucky Bourbon such a standout. Some say it’s the water; many Kentucky distilleries source their H2O from limestone streams. Some say it’s the well-defined seasons; Kentucky’s Bourbon aging rickhouses are exposed to cold temps in winter to go along with hot and humid summers. Nobody has a definitive answer and it does warrant deeper research. Colonial’s Bourbon specialists can help you discover a favorite Kentucky Bourbon. Then hit the KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL® for a spirited road trip! 

Images courtesy of KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL® • kybourbontrail.com