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Create Your Own Wine "Cellar"

Fri, Sep 23, 22  |  wine blog

Not everyone has the space, money or even interest in creating an actual wine cellar in their home; however, we can still learn about and adapt the proper wine storage benefits these cellars offer in a way to extend the life and quality of our wine. It’s easy and affordable to identify a designated place within your house, apartment, or condo that will make a great “wine cellar.”

There are three major considerations when selecting where to place your “cellar.”


High-tech, sophisticated temperature control units aren’t necessary, especially if you’re storing your wines for short periods of time. Simply locate an area that is temperature controlled. Air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter that keeps your wine at a constant 70 degrees is perfect. Drastic temperature fluctuations affect wine quality.


Light, like fluctuating temperature, is an enemy of stored wine. Sunshine and any light that gives off ultraviolet rays should be avoided. If lighting is required in your area, the best choice is LED lighting. LED light doesn’t generate heat, is energy efficient and lasts much longer than incandescent light.


When air is allowed to enter a wine bottle, oxidation takes place. Many wineries still use natural or synthetic cork to seal their bottles so it’s best to store your bottles on their sides to keep the corks wet. Dried out corks allow air in your wine and you don’t want that. If possible, maintaining the proper humidity in your cellar also keeps corks healthy and functional. 

Keeping these conditions in mind, almost all of us can identify a space where we can successfully store wines. Those lucky enough to have a basement have the perfect place for a cellar: no natural light, easy to maintain constant temperature, and the best shot at maintaining healthy humidity levels. 


However, most houses in Arkansas don’t have a basement. So we have to be a little creative and look for other opportunities. 


A small closet, such as a linen closet, is a perfect space to convert to wine storage. Another place is a space under a stairway. Some of these unused spaces are perfect to convert for wine storage.


Okay, now that you have a place you need some shelving. There are many options available, no matter what the budget. Most online wine rack retailers offer free design services. Just give basic measurements, and within a few days you can have a free design of whatever space you have available. But it’s also just as easy to design your own look, putting together a truly custom cellar with different modular pieces.


The whole process is fun and easy, and really makes a big difference in how your wines will keep and age. Colonial is happy to help you determine the best storage options for you. Just let us know. Cheers!

By Clark Trim

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