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Surrender to the Seltzer

Mon, Apr 01, 24  |  beer blog

by Josh Liddy


Hard seltzers have taken coolers everywhere by storm! They’re perfect for the coming hot summer months. And, unlike beer, they're light and not filling. That’s crucial, especially when you're spending a lot of time in the sun. Everyone knows the big brands like White Claw and Truly, but I'm going to spotlight some local seltzers that you may not have tried just yet.

Scarlet Letter

Core Brewing, Springdale

Scarlet Letter started the local hard seltzer craze in Arkansas. Originally, Core made this with a vodka base but made the switch to a malt base. Scarlet Letter seltzer comes in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Pink. There are also two different variety packs—Scarlet Letter Variety Pack with purple, red, and green and the Freedom Pack with blue and red. The red and green are my personal favorites and a go-to for a day on the lake!


Lost Forty Brewing, Little Rock

Most every local knows Lost Forty beer, but you may not know that they also make hard seltzers. We have two different Punchy variety packs. One includes Bing Bing Black Cherry, Pineapple Mango, Raspberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Blackberry. The raspberry lemonade is my choice in this group. The other includes Tiger's Blood, Fuzzy Navel, Bahama Mama, and Tutti Frutti. These are their takes on different classic summer cocktails. The Tiger's Blood is my favorite among these Punchy seltzers.


Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, MO

The mighty Boulevard Brewing; these guys may not be local but they make some great hard seltzers. We have quite an extensive selection of their offerings. Their mainstay variety pack includes strawberry lemon basil, blackberry sage, cherry blossom and lime, and blueberry lemon and lavender. The strawberry lemon basil is my favorite in this pack. Their citrus pack features pear yuzu, hibiscus lemonade, watermelon salt and lime, and grapefruit twist. The hibiscus lemonade is fantastic! Their "whipped" pack includes pineapple orange whip, peach apricot whip, strawberry banana whip and raspberry lime whip. The pineapple orange is my favorite. Their tropical pack includes mango punch, key lime coconut, passionfruit orange, and pineapple chili, and it’s the one we sell the most of. These guys also make quite a few seasonal offerings as well, so come by and check out our offerings from them.

Whether you're planning to hit the lake or the pool, a hard seltzer is a great alternative to beer. If you're typically a White Claw or Truly drinker, I highly recommend you try one of these! The flavors are better and you're supporting local. With the influx of seltzer options, you can't go wrong with any of the options listed above.

By Jodie Spears

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