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Pairing Pie with Wine

Thu, Nov 16, 23  |  wine blog

By Robert Giles


Holiday desserts can be rather difficult to pair with wine. After the main courses are done, you are left trying to match your sweets to your wines. This, however, is not an impossible task and can be, dare I say, fun.

Pecan pie with its thick syrup base gives a lot of sweetness that will cover up most wines. Typically, you would want to go with a sweet Riesling to match that intensity but I say go in a different direction. A tart and acidic pinot noir is my recommended wild card, and Sea Sun by Caymus will give a nice fruity contrast to this pie.

Chocolate pie is a dark and rich dessert that deserves a strong complimentary wine. Graham's Six Grapes Port with its blackberry aromas and dark fruit flavors will go perfectly with the creamy chocolate flavors.

Sweet potato pie is a southern staple but Germany is where I turn to find my pairing. Schlink-Haus Spätlese Riesling is a slightly sweet wine full of tropical fruits and acidity to bring out the best in this dessert.

Pumpkin pie is traditional and traditionally a tawny port is a good pairing, but I’ll go against the grain and suggest Klinker Brick Old Vine Zin. Aromas of berries and spice give way to flavors of dark fruit and hints of black pepper to accentuate the nutmeg and clove in the pie.

Cheesecake is another of my against-the-grain choices. Whether vanilla, chocolate, or covered with fruit there is one wine that jumps to my mind and that is Rosa Regale. This fruity wine is a great companion to a creamy cheesecake with its notes of strawberry and bright effervescence. 

By robert@colonialwineshop.com

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