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No Alcohol AND Low Cal Beers

Thu, Jan 04, 24  |  beer blog

New year resolutions are a good thing. After all of the holiday parties and imbibing you did over the last few months, you want to take it easy. Dry January doesn't mean you have to give up beer, though! Non-alcoholic beer is a fast-growing category here at Colonial. There is a plethora of options to choose from. I have here a list of new and wildly popular options I want to highlight!

Rick's Near Beer

Rick's Near Beer Pils – 55 calories

Rick's is brand new to the state and our store. Among our N/A beer fans, this has been very popular. I thought this drank like a standard pilsner. Crisp, clean, and crushable. If you are a fan of the Athletic Brewing Lite, I think this will become your new favorite.

Rick's Near Beer Hazy IPA – 61 calories

I was a huge fan of this one. Lots of citrus and tropical fruit notes on this one. You can hardly tell this is non-alcoholic!

Corona N/A

image © Corona

Corona N/A – 60 calories

If you are a Corona fan, you wouldn't even know this isn't regular Corona. This offering has been one of the hardest ones for me to keep in stock! This tastes just like regular Corona. Add a lime wedge and you'll never know the difference!

Guiness N/A

image © Guinness

Guiness N/A – 57 calories

Guiness has hit the jackpot with this one. This being our only stout beer option in the non-alcohol section, has been very popular. This tastes just like regular Guiness. This one sells out almost always, so come and grab one while you can!

Whether it's for health, a resolution, or participating in Dry January, you don't have to give up beer! With each beer under 70 calories, you should have no problem staying within your goal. Happy New Year!

By Josh Liddy

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