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New Brew Spotlight: Spindletap Brewing

Mon, Jun 12, 23  |  beer blog

If you’re a beer nerd like me, all these new breweries distributing into the state is very exciting! Spindletap Brewing from Houston, is no exception. My first thought when hearing about this one was, “That’s a strange name,”. Apparently, the name comes from the original Spindletop gusher in Beaumont, TX (about 80 miles from Houston) that began the oil boom of the 20th century. The brewery started in 2014 and have specialized in IPAs since the beginning. For you hop heads, this should be good news! Here are the Spindletap offerings we have.

Local Lager


Local lager is Spindletap’s answer to the trend of low-cal, low carb beer. This one is 96 calories and 4 carbs. I thought this was super crisp and light. There is a light malt flavor that finishes slightly sweet. This could not have come at a better time of the year. Take this one to the lake, pool, or family BBQ.

Heavy Hands DIPA


This is Spindletap’s year round double IPA. It comes in at 8% and packs a bit of a punch! I really enjoyed this one. The nose had a ton of tropical fruit, that follows on the palate with just a bit of sweetness. For an everyday offering, this should be a nice addition to your rotation.

Houston Haze IPA


This one is a tropical citrus bomb. You get a lot of orange, with a mix of pineapple and mango. Spindletap nails the New England style IPA perfectly here! Like the Heavy Hands, this one will be a perfect addition to your IPA rotation.

With summer starting to get into full swing, these couldn’t have arrived at a better time! Colonial is carrying a rotating seasonal offering from Spindletap as well. If you like IPAs, come by and pick up a six pack today!

By Josh Liddy