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Candy and BOO!-ze

Wed, Oct 11, 23  |  beer blog

It's that time again, boys and ghouls. Halloween is here. Haunted houses, scary movies, and the best part, candy! Why enjoy the candy by itself? This year, pair that candy with beer! Beer is often overlooked when it comes to pairing with sweets, which is a shame. There are plenty of beer options that are intricate and diverse enough to pair with your favorite Halloween candy. Here are a few that go perfectly together:

Lindeman's Framboise / HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE

Who doesn't love fruit and chocolate? Lindeman's framboise is a raspberry lambic, a slightly sour, bubbly beer that perfectly complements with the simplicity of Hershey's chocolate. The milk chocolate or the dark chocolate will work just fine.

Rogue Batsquatch Hazy IPA / GUMMY WORMS

The hop bitterness of an IPA goes great with the fruity flavors of gummy worms. The tropical notes make the fruit flavors of the candy pop and make this combination perfect. It’s a Halloween-ish pairing—the spooky look of Batsquatch and the creepy crawly gummy worm!

Flyway Brewing Honeybird Blonde Ale / LEMONHEADS

Sweet and sour is the classic combination. The malty sweetness of the Honeybird balances the sourness of the Lemonhead wonderfully. Honeybird is one of my favorite blonde ales we carry, and it’s local!


Chocolate and peanut butter may be the ultimate candy combo! Ozark Cream Stout is packed with chocolate notes that will make the Reese's that much better. Plus, they're shaped like pumpkins. What's more Halloween than that?

Point Remove Brewing Petit Jean Pilsner / CANDY CORN

I couldn't leave out the most iconic Halloween candy of all time, Candy Corn. The subtleness of the Pilsner cuts through the sweetness and bolsters the caramel flavor in the Candy Corn. 

So, whether you are raiding your kids’ trick or treat bag or buying a stash of candy for yourself, try some of these pairings. It may seem strange at first, but you'll find that beer and candy go together like vampires and coffins!


Happy Halloween!

By Clark Trim

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