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Thu, Jun 01, 23  |  entertaining

There’s nothing like a weekend brunch with family and friends gathered around your table. Put together the ingredients for a make-your-own sparkling wine cocktail, and make table tents with favorite recipes. Encourage your guests to come up with their own recipes and variations that everyone can sample and share. The key is having fun, and these brunch cocktail ideas are a great way to do just that!


No need for an elaborate or expensive centerpiece. Here’s an idea that is pretty and … bonus… you can drink it when the party’s over or give it as a gift to your guests. Simply tie flowers (as we did to the left), ribbons or greenery around the neck of a bottle of champagne or wine. Secure with floral wire if necessary.



  • fresh fruit for garnish

  • fresh flowers (or herbs!)

  • bar tools for mixing and measurement

  • champagne flutes

  • coffee


What's better to serve at brunch than a fabulous mimosa recipe made with dry sparkling wine and orange juice? It's simple, fun and perfect to serve company. Here's how to make the absolute best mimosa at home.


  • ½ gallon orange juice

  • 1 (750 ml) Sparkling Wine
    Korbel Extra Dry recommended

  • 2 shots Orange Liqueur
    Grand Marnier recommended

Combine the orange juice and sparkling wine in a large pitcher. Add the orange liqueur and stir thoroughly until well mixed.

Here's another take on a sparkling drink festive enough for any summer celebration.

The Cherries Jubilee

  • 12 fresh cherries

  • 3 oz bourbon – Woodford Reserve recommended

  • ½ oz lemon juice

  • champagne – Chandon Brut Rosé recommended

  • dash bitters

Muddle cherries and bourbon in a cocktail shaker. Add lemon juice and shake. Pour into two champagne glasses; top with champagne and a dash of bitters.

Signature Bloody Mary

Yields 6 Servings. 
Make ahead and thoroughly chill.

• 3 cups tomato juice – fresh tomatoes recommended

• 3 Tbsp. lemon juice

• 3 Tbsp. lime juice

• 1 Tbsp. horseradish – adjust to taste

• 1 1/2 Tbsp. Lea & Perrins sauce

• 1/4 tsp. garlic powder

• 3/4 tsp. Tabasco sauce

• 3/4 tsp. celery salt

• 1/2 tsp. coarse ground black pepper

• 1/3 cup olive brine

• vodka – Tito’s Handmade Vodka recommended


Blend together tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, horseradish, Lea & Perrins sauce, garlic powder, olive juice and hot sauce and process until smooth. Pour into glass pitcher. Add celery salt and black pepper; adjust to taste. Fill glasses with ice and add vodka – add about an ounce. Top off with your Bloody Mary mixture. Stir. Garnish.* 


*Get creative. Don’t just add a celery stick. Add pickled green beans and okra, a crispy slice of bacon, a boiled shrimp or crawfish tail, and a lemon or lime wedge.

Brunch Cocktails Shopping List:


Each of these excellent sparkling wines will fit into any brunch fare, at any price range.


Classic Selections:

VALUE – Toso Brut

Toso has been producing sparkling wine for more than 85 years. This crowd pleasing Brut really over delivers with tiny bubbles laced with yeast and butter notes. It is brunch food-friendly and also makes a great Mimosa.

CHOICE – Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs

This wine is fresh and bright. Its aromas and flavors of wild strawberries, bright cherries, and just a hint of yeastiness makes it perfect to pair with a wide range of brunch foods like salmon, sea scallops – just about anything from the sea.

SPLURGE – Pol Roger

This critically acclaimed Champagne is perfect for any occasion. It has plenty of rich apple fruit along with a streak of lemon zest and just a hint of juicy tangerine. The palate is round but fresh, and has a long, steely finish which leaves you wanting another sip.

On the Sweeter Side

VALUE – Korbel Sweet Cuvee

Sweet Cuvée has a tantalizing, fruit-forward style with bright citrus and tropical fruit character. So easy to sip, it pairs perfectly with spicier offerings and desserts.

CHOICE – Mondoro Asti

Produced entirely from white muscat (moscato) grapes grown in the strictly delineated Asti region of northern Italy, the wine has a delicately sweet character which makes it delightful and refreshing. Try it with brunch salads and pastas, especially when goat cheese is involved.

SPLURGE – Schramsberg Cremant

The sweetness in Cremant is subtle, providing a fine balance with desserts, such as fruit tarts, poached fruits, light cakes, custards, exotic sorbets, gingerbread, and crème brulee. It also compliments a wide range of spicy Asian foods, blue cheeses, and matches especially well with foie gras.

Elevate your sparkling wine at brunch with our tips on creating a Champagne Bar – recipes, tips and more included! 

By Jodie Spears

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