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How To Make Bottle Lights

Mon, May 15, 23  |  seasonal parties

Putting LED lights into old wine and liqueur bottles can help light up your celebration. Here’s how to create some fun lighting for your next Backyard Bash.



Select some colorful and beautifully shaped bottles to add variety to your lighting display. Twist top bottles are ideal for this type of project. Clean the bottles and remove the labels. You can use a product like Label-Off found in most retail stores.



You’ll need safety goggles and gloves for this next step. Place the bottle on a solid surface and, using a special glass-cutting drill bit, apply light pressure slowly to the bottom of the bottle to create a hole. Have some water nearby in case the glass gets too heated. Repeat process for each bottle.



Insert LED lights (two sets for each bottle work nicely) into the hole working your way up to the neck of the bottle. You’ll have plenty of excess wire on both ends of the bottle that you can now push inside to ensure a sprinkling of lights throughout. 


Be sure to leave the on-switch of the LED lights out at the bottom so you can access them. You can purchase these inexpensive light kits from an online source like Amazon.



Twist the cap back on the bottle. Turn on the lights and enjoy your new display. Multiple bottles create a nice effect for any indoor or outdoor party.

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By Clark Trim