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New Brew Spotlight: Two Pitchers Brewing

Wed, May 24, 23  |  beer blog

All the way from Oakland, California, Two Pitchers Brewing has landed in Arkansas! As the name alludes, the brewery was started by two buddies who met while pitching for their college baseball team. They determined they were better at brewing beer than baseball, and decided to open the brewery. Two Pitchers specializes in brewing radlers, the German style of beer that is generally a lager blended with real fruit or fruit juice. I know the term “radler” can turn people off, but these don’t taste artificial or overly sweet at all. Here is what’s on deck for Two Pitchers.

RADLER – Lager with grapefruit & blood orange


This is your straightforward radler, starting with a Bavarian-style lager blended with fresh grapefruit and blood orange. I enjoyed this one—a ton of citrus and no sweetness at all. This was named among the top 30 fruit beers in the world by Beer Connoisseur magazine. If you like radlers, or just fruity beer in general, I highly suggest trying this one.

NORDIC JAM – Lager with cherries, strawberries, and elderberries


Nordic Jam starts with the same Bavarian-style lager and then they add all the fruit. I was afraid this one might be a little too sweet but it is not at all.

WEEKENDER – Lager with passion fruit, guava, and citrus


Like a tropical vacation in a can! Weekender is my favorite Two Pitchers brew. Lots of passion fruit and guava on this one—THE perfect lake or pool beer. I am most definitely going to be enjoying these this summer!

DISCO QUEEN – Bubbly Rosé style radler


This one is only available in the variety twelve pack. Weighing in at only 100 calories, Disco Queen is brewed with Rosé-inspired fruits. It’s on the sweet side.

With baseball season in full swing (no pun intended), Two Pitchers is a great addition to our selection in store. Like I said before, I think these are perfect for summer. Fruity, yet not too sweet or too sour. Come by and grab a six pack of these awesome radlers!

By Josh Liddy