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Enjoy Arkansas Outdoors with To-Go Wine

Fri, Jul 28, 23  |  wine blog

Spending time in the outdoors is a way of life for a lot of us, and you don’t have to look far to find outdoor adventure in Arkansas! One of my favorite things to do is setting up camp for a few days and reconnecting with nature in the Ouachita National Forest mountain range spanning from Central Arkansas west to Oklahoma.

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After a day of hiking, fishing and exploring, we make our way back to camp and enjoy some time around the campfire for dinner and drinks. Recently, though, it’s become harder to justify using glass containers on the go. Glass is heavy, potentially dangerous to transport and it’s prohibited in many parks. You might think this limits your beverage options to canned beer—and until recently you’d be right—but high quality wine, spirits and other beverages in non-glass containers are a reality now.   


Here are a few of my favorites.

Wine To-Go Picks

Wines in boxes or aluminum cans come in a good range of varieties. For a couple of nice choices in red, I recommend:

Craving some wine for your next float trip? Try these canned wines! 


Pro tip: these canned wines are twelve ounces each, meaning one can is equivalent to two (or more) full glasses of wine. It’s vital to pace yourself while enjoying them.

Want to try something new that is fruity and refreshing? Consider these single serving cans of sake.

By robert@colonialwineshop.com