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A New World Of Wine Options

Fri, Jan 05, 24  |  wine blog

by Robert Giles

Perhaps you have made a resolution this year to explore cutting back, or you’re having a dinner and don't want your non-drinking friends to feel left out. Thankfully, the options for non-alcohol wines have expanded in recent years. We’ll look at three of these with some ideas on when to enjoy them.

Giesen Dealcoholized Sauvignon Blanc is from a well-known New Zealand winery and has been popular since its release. Much like their traditional Sauvignon Blanc, this dealcoholized version gives notes of lime, lemon shortbread, and passion fruit. It even keeps a strong acidity due to Giesen’s gentle centrifuge method of removing the alcohol. This wine pairs well with pan seared salmon or pasta primavera.

Hand on Heart Alcohol Removed Cabernet Sauvignon uses a new single pass system to remove the alcohol without centrifuge use. This process allows the wine to retain more of the flavor components without damaging the wine. This Cabernet has notes of dark cherry and vanilla, finishing with hints of mocha and tobacco. Whether paired with a creamy mushroom pasta, filet mignon or grilled vegetables, this wine is sure to please.

Finally, there’s Sutter Home Fre Sparkling Brut, using the centrifuge method to remove the alcohol while retaining the flavors and aromas. Fragrances of green apple and pear give way to hints of strawberry and a crisp finish. This is the wine for any informal gathering of friends around a charcuterie board. Paired with herbed goat cheese, prosciutto, almonds, and pears, this wine will keep the conversation flowing throughout the night.

Whatever the reason you choose to have a non-alcoholic wine, there’s no reason to sacrifice flavor. These three wines are just the beginning of what’s available that can include everyone in your celebration. Flavor abounds and the celebration will always continue. Enjoy!

By robert@colonialwineshop.com

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