Cote de Roses Rosé

This Rosé is a light, crisp, pink wine made from red grapes that drinks like a white wine. Not only is this a great wine to love because of its profound ability to pair with a wide array of foods, but it’s the perfect color for this season of love! Tastiness aside, let’s talk about the bottle. This wine is named after a village (yes there’s actually a village names Cote de Roses in France) but the bottle itself is shaped like a rose! This is an essential drinkable gift.


Terra Valentine Cabernet Sauvignon

The name alone is kismet enough for Valentine’s Day drinking. Terra Valentine Spring Mountain District Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is the flagship Cabernet for the winery. This wine shows the character of all elevations and the four soil types of the estates, making it truly unique. Highlighted flavors of cocoa powder and black currant make this a deep red to sink into and enjoy on an evening to yourself or with loved ones.


Botani Muscat

Not only does this bottle have a beautiful flower that decorates the label, but the wine itself is very floral. This wine is delicate and lightly sparkling. A flowery, exotic nose characterized by aromas of lychee and stone fruit ensure a big hit for lovers of sweet wines. You could say that you can have your flowers and drink them too.


Las Rocas Garnacha

This red wine’s label depicts a grapevine’s love for its soil, literally. The roots on the label are shown digging deep down in the soil in search of nutrients to feed the grapes that will one day become wine. This is a full-flavored spicy wine with a supple texture and no hard edges. With nothing but velvety goodness here, what’s not to love? This wine makes Wine Advocate’s Best European Wine value list! Las Rocas Garnacha could be your next hunka burning love in a glass.

Cheers to February! We hope you fall in love with one (or all) of these wines, because we’re quite fond of them ourselves! Whether you’re throwing a bash for 2 or 200, we’re here to help! We hope that you celebrate responsibly and if you need any help from the experts you can find us in store and online.

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