What To Drink After Moscato

By Maggie Walters

I've been asked quite often about the progression of wine, specifically, moving slowly towards drier styles from Moscato.

Moscato is sweet, refreshing, spritzy, light and fruity. This wine pairs well with homemade strawberry short cake with fresh strawberries (it's almost that time of year folks). But sometimes you want something else with a little more body and structure, but no where near as robust as Napa Cabernet. 

While it may seem like wine comes in 2 styles: super sweet or super dry, I'm here to tell you that these "in between" wines exist! They are friendly, fruity and do not express harshness or sourness. 

Below are my 3 recommendations:

J. Lohr, Wildflower Valdiguie

Monterey California

  • Serve slightly chilled
  • This is a luscious, fruit-forward wine that has a sweet, juicy finish

Leonard Kreusch, Dornfelder "Sweet Red"

Rheinhessen, Germany

  • Serve slightly chilled
  • This is a fruity, dark and velvety red wine that is considered "sweet," but less sweet than Moscato. 

Kung fu Girl, Riesling

Washington State

  • This is an "off dry" white wine (meaning in between dry and sweet). 
  • White stone fruit, white peach apricot, cool, refreshing and delicious.

Some people may snub their noses at wines being sweet, but they can be great food pairing wines when something on the table is spicy.  Think Indian food, Thai food, Spicy Cajun food (hello crawfish boil), and so on!  


Clark Trim