Vinho Verde: Portugal’s fun white wine

You’re probably familiar with Portugal’s great tawny, ruby, and vintage port wines.  That may be where your knowledge and experience with wines from Portugal ends.  But there’s another Portuguese wine you really owe it to yourself to sample. 

Right now, as the relentless Arkansas heat holds us in its grip, is the perfect time to meet Vinho Verde.  Very approachable in price and style, Vinho Verde is a great alternative to pinot grigio (gris), chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc.  It’s easy to enjoy this young, slightly effervescent wine from northern Portugal.

Several are available in the local market.  The one I recommend is Gazela, which is produced in white and rose’ versions.  Give these a try and then branch out to others from the same region.

The Gazela Vinho Verde white has a very light yellow lemon-like color, with a slight fizz that enhances its bouquet.  Fresh, aromatic, and engaging with a lively citrusy acidity that balances it well.

The Gazela Vinho Verde rose’ is a beautiful raspberry-pink color, with just enough fizz to emphasize its bouquet of red fruits.  The palate is lively, fresh, intense, and well-balanced, leaving an impression of lightness and freshness with an elegant finish.

Expand your summertime wine horizons!  Give the nice, easy to enjoy summertime wines from Portugal a try.  I think you will remember two things:  Vinho Verde is easy to enjoy, and it’s very affordable.



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Clark TrimComment