Rosé – it isn’t just for beginners anymore


According to a recent Nielsen Research report, Rosé wine sales are growing 10 times faster than the growth of overall table wine sales.

"U.S. retail sales of premium imported rosé wines (those priced at or above $12 a bottle) grew by 41 percent on volume and 53 percent on value in 2014," Nielsen reported.  "This is compared to growth rates of 1.0 percent on volume and 3.3 percent on value for the total table-wine market."

Over the past five years, Colonial’s Rosé section has grown and expanded to become one of the most popular sections in our store.  Growth is certainly in keeping with the figures laid out by the Nielson report, which only covers imported Rosé.  At Colonial, domestic Rosé growth among brands like Anne Amie, Belle Gloss, Calera, and many more are on the move as well.

There are times when Arkansas is a bit behind current trends.  The popularity of Rosé is an exception.  Rosé is crazily popular in Arkansas now, and the reason is simple.  Easy to enjoy on its own, or as a perfect and versatile accompaniment to food, Rosé is a crowd pleaser.

Rosé is made from familiar varietals—Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec and Grenache, to name a few.  Rosé style is accomplished by controlling the time juice is allowed to remain on the skins at pressing.  The more time the juice stays on the skins, the more color extraction.  The result is a beautiful antidote to summer’s heat when served chilled.  This serious and sophisticated style has changed American consumers’ attitude about Rosé.

In Colonial’s Celebrate June Magazine, both still and sparkling Rosé are featured.  Click the magazine page to follow the link and browse some of the globe’s best Rosé featured at special prices.

Celebrate Rosé – Celebrate Responsibly!


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