Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just getting into this whole wine thing, there are a few myths nearly every wine drinker mistakenly believes (Oops! Guilty.) Here are five myths we’ve busted to help dispel some wrong doing we’ve all come across at one point or another in our wine adventures. 


All wine gets better with age

While I think the majority of us would love nothing more than to enjoy a bottle of 1996 Chateau Margaux, the truth is that not all wines are meant to be enjoyed at a later date. In fact, about 90% of wines are made to be consumed within the first 3-5 years of their life. So unless you’re buying special bottles for your cellar, go ahead and crack open that bottle of wine sitting in your closet, it’s perfectly ready to drink! 

All Riesling is sweet

False. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Riesling, amazingly, is one heck of a versatile grape variety. It can be made into ice wine from frozen grapes on the vine, it can be made late harvest if the conditions are just right, AND in more cases than not, it can be made bone dry! If you’re a fan of tart, crisp, and even sour wines and Riesling hasn’t been rotated into your repertoire, you are missing out! Dry Rieslings have a lip smacking acidity that is mouthwatering. 


Blended wines are inferior

Your BFF from the tennis club may be convinced of this, but it simply is not true. The debate of buying a wine comprised of 100% one grape variety vs. a blend should not be an issue of quality, but a decision of what you’re in the mood for. Sure, there are some red blends that have given the style a bad name, but if you swear off this category all together you’ll miss out on some of the best wines in the world (like Bordeaux). If you’re hesitant about which bottle to reach for, just ask one of our staff. They’ll steer you away for the gimmicky stuff and towards the good stuff! 


Fish has to be paired with white wine

Just like wine, fish runs the gamut in flavor profiles and heaviness, so why limit all fish to one color of wine? There are some amazing light reds in the market like Mencia, Gamay and Sangiovese that scream perfection for heavier, fattier fish dishes! Next time you heat up the skillet for salmon, go with a delicious glass of red wine. Need some pairing recommendations? Check out our “He Said, She Said” blog about fish and red wine pairings.

Sulfites are the cause of all wine headaches

While this is a discussion for you and your doc, drinking sulfite-free wine for the sake of not having a headache is a modern day old wives tale. There are several things that contribute to wine headaches that are unique to each person. Alcohol level, sugar content, not drinking enough water, and other chemicals/additives a wine maker may use can all cause headaches. Next time you pour a second glass of wine for the evening, check the wine bottle label first, you may be surprised to see that your Lodi Zinfandel is 16% alcohol! If you’re interested in learning more about natural wine, which is wine made with less additives and altogether less human intervention, come see one of our wine specialists. We have quite the selection to choose from!

Jodie SpearsComment