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If you like Pinot Noir, try one of these.

Branching out to try a new wine can seem a bit daunting. What if you hate it? What should you do with the left-over bottle of wine? Should you get your money back? Should you just stick with what you know and like? All thoughts that roll through our heads during the decision-making process. I want to make some suggestions for you Pinot Noir lovers, because trying something new shouldn’t be scary and having help from a professional will greatly decrease your risk of a flop! Listed below are three red wines that fall under the light red wine category with bright fruit profiles and low tannins- just like Pinot Noir. Happy Tasting!

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Fun fact about Gamay, it’s grown in the south of Burgundy, aka Pinot Noir’s territory. It should be no surprise then that these two grapes favor each other since they find their home so close to one another. I will say that the Gamay grape gets a bad rap because of Beaujolais Nouveau, but don’t let that wine deter you from experiencing this grape! If you try a Beaujolais Cru, you’d swear it was a Pinot Noir. Crus are heavier and much more serious than the sweet Nouveau and are even age worthy. If you’re a Pinot Noir lover (especially French Pinot Noir) you’re going to love Beaujolais Crus made from the Gamay grape!

We recommend: Domaine Du Clos Du Fief Julienas
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One grape but two different pronunciations and spellings, depending on where it’s grown in the world. No matter how you say it, if your ride or die grape variety is Pinot Noir, this is a grape worth exploring! This grape can express richer, full flavored fruit notes that are supple and give the sensation of a warm hug. Fans of warmer climate Pinot Noir wines from California will especially enjoy these wines. Look for labels in our French wine section that say “Cotes du Rhone” or labels in our Spanish wine section that say “Garnacha”.

We recommend: E. Guigal Cotes-Du-Rhone Rouge

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Mencia is a grape whose arrival is very new to our Spanish wine selection, and it is a true rock star for those that love a heavier Pinot Noir! Mencia is a Spanish red grape that finds its home in the northwest region of Bierzo. The delicious dark plum notes in this wine make it a great go to for food pairings with poultry and game. Decant for about an hour before enjoying to allow this beautiful aromatic red to open up, you’ll be glad you did!

We recommend: Raul Perez Ultreia St. Jacques

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