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Similar to exploring wines, cheese can also be featured in a variety of ways. Region, flavor profile, and variety are all great ways to experience them, just add wine and you’ve got a match!


The Setup

  • Setup your cheeses and their companion wines together. Have multiple cheeses that go with one wine? No problem, place that featured wine in between its companion cheeses.

  • Place the cheeses on separate plates, one for each type, allowing for them to be enjoyed with their matching wines more easily. This also allows guests to focus on each individual pairing with ease. Grouping several cheeses and wines together on one station can seem overwhelming.

  • Slice the cheese before serving, making it easier for your guests to grab. Use white flagged toothpicks to label cheeses by their name.

  • Supply cheese knives/spreaders at each plate and station.

  • Provide small plates for guests to serve themselves.

  • Set up stations for self-pouring wine. This allows guests to revisit wines and pairings easily and allows you more face time with your guests! Remember to keep the wine and cheese pairings together to allow an easy flow and guide!


Picking the Cheeses

Do some research. Pick a few of your favorite cheeses and look up where they’re from. Not only will you impress with your newfound cheesy IQ, but your pairings are sure to be a hit! There’s a reason why the phrase “if it grows together, it goes together” is referenced so much. Cheeses are commonly paired with wines that hail from the same region. Sancerre and goat cheese are just one heavenly example. 

If you would like some assistance with your next soiree, the professionals at Colonial Wines and Spirits are here to make it a success!

Here are just a few of our favorites to inspire you!

  • Wine: Garnacha / Cheese: Manchego

  • Wine: Sancerre / Cheese: Chèvre/Goat Cheese

  • Wine: Port / Cheese: Bleu veined cheeses

  • Wine: Dry Rosé / Cheese: Ricotta/Mozzarella

  • Wine: Sangiovese / Cheese: Grana Padana

  • Wine: Chardonnay/Champagne / Cheese: Brie

  • Wine: Malbec / Cheese: Gouda

Want more ideas for a wine tasting party? Check out our ‘Swirl • Sip • Study’ guide here! We look forward to curating wines for your next tasting group! 


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