Gift ideas for the Connoisseur in your Life


By Maggie Walters

Hello all! Typically when you see my name above a blog I'm talking wine; but this time I'm writing about a subject that's catered specifically to the holiday season…gifts! I get asked quite often this time of year, what exactly does a wine lover want wrapped under the tree? 

Fret not, I am here to help! These are my top gift picks for the wine (and spirit) lover in your life that don't involve buying a bottle (although that’s always nice to give). 


1. Decanter

If there is a wine lover in your life – especially if this wine lover likes to entertain – he/she NEEDS multiple decanters. I can't tell you how many times I've hosted a party and I have a bottle decanting and then my friend brings over another bottle. We pop the cork to find that this wine is also in desperate need of some air. So, we play this game of double decanting one bottle quickly, so we can trade off with the next. Bottom line, gifting someone another decanter is actually quite welcome. If this wine lover doesn't have one, even better! Not to mention there are so many handsomely-designed decanters these days, they make great center pieces. Come check out our wide selection. Our faceted crystal decanter from Viski is my absolute favorite!


2. Glassware

This gift covers all demographics of adult beverage drinkers. No matter the beverage of choice, it can be enhanced with the proper glassware. Some of my favorite glasses we carry are the Viski Burgundy wine glasses. The bowl of the glass is so big and elegant and opens the bouquet of the wine beautifully. These glasses have, without a doubt, made my wine drinking experience more enjoyable. We also carry crystal coupe, snifter, brandy, and rocks glasses just to name a few.


3. Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon, and Strainer

If you have a cocktail lover in your life, this is such a wonderful gift! I'm sure you've heard the phrase "shaken not stirred." Cocktail shakers are a mainstay in home bars these days, which is great for shaking cocktails like the ones our friend Mr. Bond enjoys. But, what about cocktails that should be stirred? I'm a HUGE Manhattan cocktail enthusiast, and a fan of other old-school cocktails, that are best enjoyed in the traditional method: stirred. If there's anyone in your life who loves classic cocktails, having a crystal mixing glass along with a long stainless steel bar spoon and strainer is a must! Plus, it makes a person look downright "cool" when they make cocktails. And hey, maybe this will encourage your friend to make you drinks when you visit. I call that a win, win.  ; )

4. Ice Tray

GiftRecs-gifts-ice tray.jpg

This suggestion may seem a little lack luster compared to the previous suggestions, but hear me out. Ice can make or break a spirit/cocktail. Seriously! Small ice cubes dilute cocktails faster, aka water them down, which isn't exactly desirable. Using large ice cubes keeps the beverage of choice cold, but melts much slower….AKA no more watered down drinks! These fancy ice cubes aren't just for looking good in your glass when you go out; they have a purpose and can be enjoyed at home. We carry trays for both large cubes and spheres, and they make great stocking stuffers!   

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