August Staff Picks

Products priced for 750 ml bottles unless otherwise noted.


Clark: Santa Barbara Winery Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2015

SALE $14.98
Regular $20.99

If I'm drinking red wine in August, it's going to be something light like this Santa Barbara Pinot Noir. I like to put it in the fridge just about twenty minutes before serving (Americans drink red wine too hot). Chilling it brings out beautiful aromas of berry, rose petal and lavender that follow across the palate. It is a Pinot that's a perfect party pleasing quencher, and excellent with about anything coming off the summer grill.



Monkey 47 Gin (1 Liter)

SALE $78.98
Regular $86.99

The chef at our favorite restaurant in Pass-a-Grille, Florida, never fails to stop by our table to chat a little about his latest creation, and his most recent discovery. This time it was a gin from the Schwartzwald (Black Forest) in Germany—Monkey 47. He was crazy about it, and he hardly never drinks. As its name indicates, Monkey 47 contains 47 botanicals from a few different continents. He brought two samples, one neat and one just well chilled. The palate is creamy and viscous and delivers a deluge of flavors that has bartenders around the world crazy to create with this cult gin. Gin aficionados will appreciate it, especially at our August sale price!  


Henrik: Valravn Sonoma County Chardonnay 2017

SALE $15.98
Regular $120.99

There is a real sense of place or terroir in this wine. It comes from the Petaluma Wind Gap area where cold climate vineyards provide a core of minerality, ripe peach and apple, and a touch of citrus. Barrel fermentation leaves notes or more vibrant flavors like toasted nuts, marzipan, and ripe pineapple. Put it all together, and there's a delicate line between high toned freshness and robust flavors for celebrating. Enjoy with fish and seafood, or poultry and light pork dishes.


David: Schug Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015

SALE $17.48
Regular $21.99  

Rated 93 by James Suckling. “Plenty of blue fruits and flower character here with medium body, dense and integrated tannins. Very complex. Fantastic value. Drink or hold.”


Devin: Chateau De Sancerre Loire Valley France 2017

SALE $23.98
Regular $29.99  

Save yourself from the melting heat with a vibrant Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc) from the Loire Valley, France. This wine gives you distinct aromas of peach, pear, and grape. The finish is long and generous and will quench your wine thirst on a warm August night. Enjoy!


Chris K: Roland Lavantureux Chablis 2017

SALE $22.98
Regular $27.99

For those seeking a delightful Old-World wine that is perfect for summertime, look no further than this fantastic Chardonnay from one of France’s most iconic regions-Chablis. The minerality in this Chablis makes it an ideal pairing with shellfish or sushi. I love serving Chablis as a welcome or reception wine as well. 


Tristan: Canned Oregon Pink Rosé Bubbles

SALE $5.98
Regular $7.99

I think the stigma for canned adult beverages started with their association with inexpensive light beer. So while some of the most outstanding beers, ready-to-go cocktails, and refreshing hot weather wines now come in cans, the stigma somehow lives on. I cannot think of a better example of high caliber cans than Stoller Family’s new Canned Oregon Pink Bubbles. I am not afraid to shout it from the hills: I love this stuff! Consisting of primarily Pinot Noir, the front end hits you with green apples and fresh watermelon, then leads into a relaxing dry finish. Perfect for any outdoor adventure or back patio hangout. Do us both a favor, try it, enjoy it, and let’s help end the war on these high-quality beverages. *raises can* Cheers!


Clos de Nouys Vouvray Brut

SALE $17.98
Regular $22.99

When the heat of summer hits, I look for something crisp and refreshing. This Cremant de Loire is an affordable and delicious answer to the dog days of summer. Well-balanced fruit and acidity combine with a soft mousse that hits all the right notes for summer refreshment. Produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, it offers honeysuckle, orange peel, and pear aromas that are followed up on the palate by pear, quince, citrus, and a beautiful limestone minerality. The minerality and subtle toasty notes carry through on the lingering finish.


Rihaku Wandering Poet (300 ML)

SALE $12.98
Regular $15.99

It goes that “the wandering poet” would drink a bottle of sake and write 100 poems. This delicious sake is a Junmai Ginjo made of Yamada Nishiki rice, known for its delicate, floral and fragrant qualities. Wandering Poet has become one of my favorites. As I continue to explore new sake, this one keeps me coming back for more. It is lightly fragrant with a full-flavor and crisp finish. Enjoy it chilled, and if you sip it for a while, you are in for a treat as the fragrance and flavor open up as it comes to room temperature.

All Sake is discounted on Wednesday Wine Day!


Roberto: Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask Irish whiskey

SALE $26.98
Regular $30.99  

I like the spicy nose that shows off lots of clove and coconut, with a sweet and creamy rum characteristic in the background. Banana, dried fruit, creamy tropical fruit, pear, and lots of spice like cinnamon wraps up complex aromas. The palate starts with spicy grain notes before a creamy middle comes through, with banana bread, vanilla, and orchard fruit, and finishing with the spices again. The Rum Cask delivers a dry and tannic finish.


John B: Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro

SALE $52.98
Regular $61.99  

Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro Tequila is the culmination of 70 years of knowledge, expertise, and innovation that brings the smoothness of a Blanco and the complexity of an Anejo together for a unique tequila experience. Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro Tequila is aged eighteen months in American white oak barrels and then carefully filtered to bring out its crisp agave flavor. The nose is fresh with a taste that is smooth with highlights of vanilla, honey, and toasted oak. It finishes with lingering hints of oak followed by a clean, warm finish. Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro is a very easy drinking tequila best served over the rocks. Enjoy!


Colin: Reyka Icelandic Vodka

SALE $19.98
Regular $22.99  

Reyka Icelandic Vodka is as clean and crisp as a frosty morn on the Icelandic tundra. Crafting their vodka using glacier water sourced from arctic springs and employing a lava rock filtration are just two of the things that make Reyka a wholly unique and smooth experience. Reyka is also one of the world’s first “green vodkas,” geothermal energy powers the distillery, so you can enjoy a product that is environmentally conscious as well as delicious. A vodka this clean is truly a unicorn whale indeed. Just a little narwhal humor for you folks. Skál! 


logan: Bell’s Lager of the Lakes

6-pack, cans

SALE $8.98
Regular $9.99  

This beer is delicious! If you’re looking for something to wash away the summer heat, this one should be on the shopping list. Cereal and biscuity malt profiles are backdropped with floral hop aroma and a clean refreshing bitterness. I’ll be enjoying this well-made Pilsner after an afternoon of yard work and with any food I can hold on one hand!


Chris M: Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA

6-pack, cans

SALE $7.98
Regular $9.39  

“A mighty hop-lover's dream. Hop rising adds malty backbone to an intense Imperial IPA. This insanely smooth dry-hopped ale has everything: 9% ALC/VOL, 72 IBUs, and yes, that's our master brewer Jason Stock pitching in on the label.” – Squatters


Josh L: Konig Ludwig Weissbier

6-pack, bottles

SALE $8.98
Regular $10.39  

The summer heat is still in full swing, and there is no better beer than a nice weissbier to cool off. This one is pretty straight forward. Notes of clove and banana are very prevalent. Konig Ludwig is one of my favorite beers of all time and I highly suggest you pick up a six pack!


Ryan L: Independence Brewing Redbud Berliner Weisse and Cucumber Berliner Weisse

6-pack, cans

Your Choice: SALE $8.98
Regular $10.39  

In the final stand of the summer swelter before fall begins its slow onset; there’s still time for crisp, refreshing brews. Independence has brought their Berliner Weisse back with outstanding new art for the can and a cucumber cohort. Both offer the traditional invigorating tart effects of a Berliner. The Redbud cucumber is cucumber all the way through and adds an extra layer of refreshment and flavor that deserves your tongue's attention.


Chris A: Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

6-pack, cans

SALE $9.98
Regular $11.49  

Chin up, fellow heat-haters: there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The days are gradually growing ever-so-slightly shorter, and if you’re standing in just the right spot, you can almost feel autumn on that incoming breeze. It’s still August in Arkansas, though, and you need a refreshing summertime beer to cope with these still blisteringly hot afternoons. Look no further than SeaQuench. Like a margarita’s teenage child going through their “I want to be a beer” phase, it is pleasantly citrusy with subtle hints of salt and light, satisfying tartness that will keep you coming back for can after can; at a sessionable 4.9% ABV, that shouldn’t be a problem. A perfect six-pack for the pool, a backyard cookout, or staring at the long-term weather forecast planning out the next time you can comfortably wear something with sleeves again.

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