Dustin Leigh

Jefferson's Ocean started out as an experiment by the Kentucky Artisan Distillery to see how Bourbon would be affected by weather and harsh elements on a ship’s voyage. The results were amazing! The Bourbon developed darker color, stronger caramel notes, and a briny savory taste profile.

Image from  Jefferson’s Ocean

Since the first experiment, there have been 17 additional voyages around the globe. This unheard of and weird concept has been studied to see how weather, salt in the air, and rocking of the ship factors into the flavor and color of Bourbon. Each voyage experience turned out to be vastly different, with conditions of harsh wind, extremes in warm and cold temperatures, and even typhoons.

Image from  Jefferson’s Ocean

A special voyage log documents conditions along the way; conclusions can then be made about how ambient conditions of each voyage contribute to each finished Bourbon’s color, aroma, flavor and finish. A copy of the log comes with each of these Weird Whiskies. Visit Colonial to snag a bottle of Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 17.  It survived a cyclone!

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