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The popularity of high-end Bourbon continues to amaze us in the retail industry. Very often, it seems that there is just not enough great Bourbon for savvy collectors. One of the more interesting sub-categories in Bourbon are Single Barrel, Store Selections or Store Selects for short. Store Selects are a way for a store to purchase an entire barrel of whiskey, and have the distillery bottle, box and ship with a special label that showcases the store’s name.

Barrel Bourbon Store Selections Bottles.jpg

The selection process can go two ways. Most of the time a barrel is selected at the store out of a set of samples that are sent in from the distillery, and other times barrels are picked at the distillery. This past June, we were invited to Louisville, Kentucky by Barrel Craft Spirits to select our second barrel of 14 year single barrel Bourbon. Barrel Craft Spirits has taken the whiskey world by storm with multiple awards and tremendous accolades. The product they are releasing is first-class and the blending/distilling team is amazing at what they do.

Selecting our second barrel was a very detailed process. We fist nosed over 100 different barrels and out of those, I was able to narrow it down to 25. Tasting through the final 25 barrels took few hours and picking out the characteristics that made each one unique was a fun challenge. There were a few standouts in that final group of Bourbon. A final tasting was completed and our decision was made. The barrel that eventually came to be called our 501 Select was the one!

Our latest Colonial Store Select, the Barrel Craft Spirits 501 Select is a rye-focused bourbon that has many layers. This 14-year-old single barrel Bourbon showcases toasted nuts and herbs up front with more subdued scents of spiced fruits and figs. Bottled at 108.64 proof, I recommend a few drops of spring water to help this beauty show its full potential.  

501 Select is an extremely rare Bourbon—these bottles are VERY limited and won’t be produced again. Stop by Colonial soon to make sure you get this amazing whiskey!

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