By Dylan Whitsett 

Rock Town Distillery is Arkansas' first legal distillery since Prohibition, and speaking as a local they certainly do me proud. They have so many excellent products that it was hard to decide which I should highlight in my blog, but after heavy consideration I've decided to tell y'all about Rock Town's assortment of flavored vodka.


Rock Town currently has 3 flavored vodkas: basil, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. All three are priced at $12.49, and all three are worthy of attention. While all are delicious either straight or with some ice, you can certainly make some killer cocktails using them! Adding soda water will give you a spritzy delight, and my personal favorite is slicing up some cucumber, pouring a shot or 2 of the basil over ice and through the cucumber, and adding some soda water on top. This makes for a truly blissful cocktail to enjoy while soaking in a nice steaming bath... as a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna go do that now!

Remember, we're Arkansans, and we take deep pride in our local flavor, so come on down and celebrate more!

Clark TrimComment