Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon – My Personal Favorite.

By: Aaron Walters

As we wind down Bourbon Heritage Month, I wanted to share a brief history of my favorite line of bourbons, Jefferson's Reserve. 

Jefferson's is crafted in very small batches. This allows them to show specific characteristics from each barrel. It was founded in 1997 by a father and son with a familial history in bourbon dating back 8 centuries! They are curious and not shy about experimentation. This is what makes them one of the best bourbons in my opinion. A few of the different experiments they have enjoyed great success with are the Groth Reserve Cask Finish, Ocean and Wood Experiments. The Groth Reserve is extra matured in French Oak wine barrels that held Groth Cabernet, which won the wine of the year. The Ocean is aged at sea for up to 8 years. The Wood Experiment comes in four distillery selected 200mL bottles each finished in a different combination of oak treatments. There are 12 total Wood Experiments.

While all of the Jefferson's Reserve bourbons are delicious in their own right if you are a true bourbon lover you owe it to yourself to try one of their special finishes. Trust me, you'll thank me for it!



Clark Trim