By Maggie Walters

Since it's the start of fall, I wanted to share a product that I'm absolutely head-over-heels for, as well as a cocktail recipe! 

Let's talk fruit liqueurs. Nothing says fall like cherries, apples and pears. This is the time of year they are in full harvest and everyone is at the farmers' market or grocery store loading up on the goods! Not only is it nice to have this produce fresh this time of year, but I absolutely love to incorporate these flavors into cooking and drinking! Berentzen is a go-to for me this time of year. Berentzen produces delicious, quality made fruit liqueurs in Haselünne, Germany. These liqueurs are made from actual sun-ripened fruit (no additives or flavorings here!). It's the real deal (it doesn't come in bright, man-made colors) and tastes like no other fruit liqueur I've had before. 

Like I've said, I love to add these in cooking and drinking (my husband cooked down some apples last night and poured them over ice cream with a drizzle of Barentzen apple liqueur, YUM!). That aside, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite fall cocktails using the pear liqueur.



  • 1.5 oz Barentzen Pear liqueur
  • 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
  • Sparkling Brut Rosé to top off – I use and recommend Bouvet Rosé from the south of France
  • Rosemary sprig to garnish

Pour all ingredients in a wine glass and use the Rosemary spring to stir and incorporate all flavors.

It's that easy and so good!! It's a great transitional drink for this time of year! Cheers to Fall! 

Clark Trim