By Mark Bradham

At a recent tasting, to my delight, I discovered vodka that satisfied not only my taste buds but my love for history as well. Out of all the selections, Ketel 1 was my number one pick because of its ease to sip and for delivering both crisp, balanced flavors and a soft finish.

This ancient-recipe vodka was voted “#1 Best Selling Vodka” by Drink International.  It is the use of carefully selected European wheat and a combination of modern and traditional distilling techniques that result in Ketel 1 enjoying a consistently strong presence in the market. Unique fragrance, flavor, mouth-feel, and finish define Ketel 1; the fragrance shows freshness with hints of citrus honey. Savor the crisp, lively tingle and feel the signature softness coat your tongue. Allow the long finish and subtle flavors to remind you, “This is vodka at its best.”

Ten generations of Nolet Family experience go into every bottle. The Nolet Distillery in Holland, was founded in 1691, and has remained in the Nolet family ever since. Ketel 1 is named for the coal-fired copper still that was originally used for distillation. Ketel 1 time-honored traditions have stood the test of time, and to this day Ketel 1 is still distilled from 100% wheat in copper pot stills. This distilling technique produces the incredibly smooth vodka. After distillation, Ketel 1 is filtered over loose charcoal, and rests in tile lined tanks until ready for bottling.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you compare the price of Ketel 1 to the other top shelf vodka choices in the store. The Nolet Family has managed to keep the price below the competition while producing a superior vodka.

Try Ketel 1 and you will come to the same conclusion. Ketel 1 is the best value in the Vodka market today.


Mark Bradham

Clark Trim