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Additives in food and beverage are a super-hot topic among consumers today. While the additive trend is using more natural and sustainable substances, highly processed ingredients have made their way into many things we eat and drink. Color and flavor enhancers, product stabilizers, and preservatives are the most common processed additives.

If you’re among the droves of conscious consumers who want to stay informed, and your alcoholic beverage of choice happens to be tequila, I have a resource for you. It’s Tequila Matchmaker—an easy to use, intuitive and well curated database that’s a great source of tequila information. You can access it at tequilamatchmaker.com, or via their app available from the App Store and from Google Play.

Download the app or navigate to the website and click “type” where you can select the "no-additives" option for a comprehensive list of products. But Tequila Matchmaker doesn’t stop there; just about anything you want to learn about a given brand in the ever-expanding world of tequila is available. Tequila Matchmaker is a great source of tequila information. I highly recommend it.

And while we’re on the subject, here are some additive-free tequilas available at Colonial Wines & Spirits.