When you think about planning a party, are you inspired or intimidated? Don’t let those perfect Pinterest pictures keep you from hosting a holiday celebration. Parties are meant to be fun. Of course, if you want to elevate your gathering, here are a few ideas to add some easy elegance to any party – from intimate dinner to mid-size cocktail party to full-scale reception.

The Table

No need for an elaborate or expensive centerpiece. Here’s an idea that is pretty and … bonus … you can drink it when the party’s over or give it as a gift to your guests. Simply tie flowers (as we did to the left), ribbons or greenery around the neck of a bottle of champagne or wine. Secure with floral wire if necessary. 

How to Open Champagne

Undo the cork cage. Hold the cork firmly between your thumb and index finger and turn the bottle, not the cork, toward you. Here's a video how-to on opening a bottle of bubbly.  


For a dinner party, create a welcoming table setting with a unique napkin fold. Here's a series of videos to show you how!


Champagne has broken out of the “luxury only” category when it comes to pairing with food. For a pairing that will surprise and please, serve a bottle of Gloria Ferrer Brut with fried chicken. The crisp acidity and racy bubbles are heavenly with crisp fried chicken tenders.


It is one of the easiest, yet most important, kitchen tools available when it comes to entertaining. It helps you create amazing–looking appetizers and desserts, even if they are premade. In fact, the Phylo cups and brownies, in the photos below, were premade. To create these designs we used the Star Tip with our piping bag.

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From the front edge of the table back, wine glasses will be in order of courses served. 

  • First glass – first course or flight of courses.

  • Second glass – second course or flight of courses.