Take A Chill Pils

By Josh Liddy


With summer in full effect, I tend to gravitate to a lighter-bodied beer but not so light that I'm sacrificing flavor. That's where a good old-fashioned Pilsner comes in; one of my all time favorite beer styles. Pilsner tends to catch a lot of flack for being bland and boring but that is simply not the case. The beers that follow are some of my go to Pilsners that are available in cans for you to enjoy with the remainder your summer festivities!

Bitburger Premium 
For my first choice, we go back to the beer mecca: Germany. This beer is regarded as the number one draft beer in Germany. I actually tried this beer for the first time recently when I was looking for something to take to the pool and I was 100% pleased. You get aromas of the malts and some grassy tones that follow on the taste that finishes with a crisp, dry mouth-feel. All in all, at 4.8% ABV, this is a light, awesome, flavorful beer.

Core Brewing, Behemoth Pilsner
This is a great, easy drinking beer from right here at home! This Czech style Pilsner follows the formula to a T, to create a great beer very reminiscent of an old-world Pilsner. On the nose, you get hints of citrus hops and wheat that follows through on the tongue, with a crisp, clean mouth-feel. At 5% ABV, this beer was made for a hot, Arkansas summer day!

Sixpoint Brewery, The Crisp
This is one of my FAVORITE Pilsners! If someone comes in looking for a Pilsner, this is one of the first ones I take them to. Tettnang and Hallertau hops straight from Germany and Cargill Pilsner malts give this beer an awesome and unique floral aroma but a crisp and clean finish. This beer sits right at 5.4% ABV. I HIGHLY recommend you come in and grab a six pack before your next lake/pool day.

Wiseacre Brewing, Tiny Bomb
This one comes to us from our neighbors in Memphis, TN! This is an awesome beer and another one of my go-to Pilsners. This beer is brewed with both American and German Pilsner malt and topped off with 50 lbs. of locally sourced wildflower honey. On the nose, you get hints of sugar and clove, which gives this beer its own unique spin on the style. At 4.5% ABV, this is the lightest of the beers listed here but definitely not one to be over looked!

Before your next float trip, lake or pool day, come by and pick up one of these perfect beers for a hot summer day! As always, you can follow us on UNTAPPD to see what we have to offer and my personal UNTAPPD (jliddy09) to see what beers I've been trying lately.

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