The Power in a Growler

By Dylan Whitsett

A question we hear at Colonial frequently is "Wow! What is this?" in reference to our state-of-the-art Growler Station.

With the cool steel, glowing lights, shiny knobs, and hissing CO2, it's easy to understand why some people could be intimidated by this interesting bit of beer tech. 

A Growler Station is how we fill 32-64 oz. containers (The Growlers) with beer.  Colonial’s station is high tech, with CO2 chambers that force out oxygen in the growler to ensure that you get the freshest beer possible! With this process, an unopened growler filled at our station can stay fresh generally for 2-4 months, with some extreme cases reporting a growler remaining fresh a year after filling.

Not only do we offer the freshest beer in town, we also have our entire growler menu on, and if you subscribe to us on Untappd, you will get a notification every time we update our menu!  With 8 beers available at all times, and a constantly updating menu, you'll be sure to see a beer you absolutely cannot pass up. Come and see your friendly neighborhood beer team today! 

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