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If you're a fan of craft beer in Arkansas, you've probably had--or at least heard of--Lost Forty. For many craft beer drinkers in the state, Lost Forty is synonymous with Little Rock craft beer. I know it is for me! The guys and gals at L40 have upped their game 1000% in the last year or two, with multiple limited release sour beers in their "Wild Barrel" series, a plethora of awesome small batch brews available at different times of the year, and a recent silver medal-winning beer at the Great American Beer Festival. We offer quite a few options from Lost Forty, but I'm going to focus on the beers in their year-round catalog.


Love Honey Bock the most well-known and widespread beer in their repertoire, I will leave this one alone. You can find this beer at almost every bar/restaurant in the city, and suggest you try it if you have not yet.

Rockhound IPA Lost Forty's flagship IPA. This one is sure to please any IPA fanatic. Pours clean like a West Coast style and has the bitterness to match! With grapefruit and other floral notes on the nose, this is your typical IPA. If you haven't had this yet and are a fan of IPAs, come grab a six pack.

Day Drinker Belgian-style Blonde Ale This is one of my favorite offerings from L40 and one of my go-to's when I just need a six pack. I'm a HUGE Belgian fan so I am definitely biased when it comes to this one. With the spice and clove flavor, this is as close to a traditional blonde as you can get.


Pale Ale I believe this is the first pale ale I tried when I became a craft beer drinker. This is an easily accessible pale ale that isn't as aggressively hoppy as Rockhound and some other popular pale ales in our market. If you aren't a fan of hops, this beer will ease you into the style. 

Bare Bones Pilsner Another one of my grab and go beers, this is an awesome Pilsner. Clean, crisp, and refreshing. One of my favorite beers to drink during the summer.

Most of these beers are on draft at bars and restaurants in the city and I highly suggest you try them if you haven't. We have all of them in six packs and along with the current seasonal/small batch releases--including Snake Party Double IPA, Trash Panda Hazy IPA, Blackberry Bramble Wheat Ale, and Look-See Hefewiezen. For you stout fans, the annual release of the Nighty Night Imperial 3 Barrel-Aged Stout will be happening October 20th at the L40 taproom for the Festival of Darkness. I went last year and it was an absolute blast!  As always, you can follow us on UNTAPPD at Colonial Wine & Spirits to see what we have to offer and my personal UNTAPPD (jliddy09) to see what beers I've been trying lately.

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