By Dylan Whitsett

There are so many craft breweries out there, and it's a tragic fact of human nature that once we find something we like, we are loathe to step out of our comfort zone to try something new.  A byproduct of this means that a great many excellent breweries get lost on the shelf, never to be picked up. Well dear readers, I'm here to shine some light on three breweries that don't get the love they deserve and to encourage you to give them a try.

3. Sudwerk

"We choose to brew lagers not because they are easy, but because they are hard."  This is the attitude that defines Sudwerk -- hard work and dedication to their craft. They are also determined to undo the damage done by Macro brews to the reputation of the noble lager. Sudwerk just werks!

2. Piney River

Piney River is the lovechild of two home-brewers who made it to the big time. Joleen and Brian Durham turned their old, rundown barn into an open and inviting brewery and taproom that they dubbed The BARn.  Made in the Ozarks, these brews are full of Southern charm!

1. Caldera

Caldera was the first west coast craft brewery to can instead of bottle. They are VERY focused on being as green as possible, showing that civic pride and responsibility can go hand-in-hand with drinking a few brewskies.

There you have it folks! Three breweries that (in my humble opinion) do not get the praise they deserve. Come by any Tuesday and take advantage of Tuesday Brewsday to get 10% off! 

Some restrictions may apply. See a Celebration Specialist for details. 

Some restrictions may apply. See a Celebration Specialist for details. 

Clark Trim