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Mexico has a very rich beer culture. The indigenous people of Mexico have always known of fermented alcoholic beverages (we’re looking at you, tequila and mescal), but beer was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until European immigrants arrived that breweries began to spring up. In fact, the Second Empire of Mexico was ruled by the monarch Maximilian I — the younger brother of the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. Maximilian had his own brewer who produced Vienna-style dark beer that can still be found in brews like Negra Modelo. While that one and Corona, Dos Equis and Tecate are well-known, I’m going to focus on some overlooked brands.


Estrella Jalisco

The newest member to the Central Arkansas market, this beer has become quite popular. A typical Mexican lager, it’s great to enjoy with spicy food or hanging out by the pool or on the lake.


Overlooked and underrated, in my opinion. This pale lager has a nice grainy aroma that is followed on the palate with a hint of sweet corn.


This one may not be as overlooked as the previous beers mentioned but is still overshadowed by the big names. A straightforward lager, Pacifico is best enjoyed on a hot day with a body of water in sight.

With the summer heat still holding on tight and the arrival of football season, these beers are perfect. They're easy to drink while watching the Razorbacks play and refreshing enough to keep you cool while you enjoy your pool for a few more weeks. If you're looking for a new cerveza to try out, put one on your list! As always, you can follow me on UNTAPPD (jliddy09) to see what beers I've been trying lately and share your discoveries.

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