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What do you think of when you hear the word "beer"? I think of a loud, German beer hall full of people and casks of beer. I would bet most of the world thinks the same! Behind Belgium (and of course the U S of A), beer from Germany is my favorite. Traditionally, beer in Germany varied from town to town. For example, a Dortmunder beer would come from the city of Dortmund or a Berliner weisse would come from Berlin. German brewers influenced much of the beer production in the New World in the 18th and 19th century, specifically in the United States and Mexico. Here are a few beers we offer at Colonial that are some of my favorites.


Spaten Optimator

This is probably our best selling and most sought after German beer. Optimator is a doppelbock has a nice roasted malt aroma that follows on the palate. This one hits at 7.6% abv but drinks much smoother than that; it’s a great beer for fall and winter.

Bitburger Premium

On the packaging, Bitburger claims to be "Germany's number 1 draft beer." It isn't hard to see why. This is a pretty straight forward pilsner. Light and easy to drink, Bitburger is a great beer to enjoy any time.

Warsteiner Premium

I call this one my "house beer." I like to keep some of this in my refrigerator at all times for company, or if I want to have one or two at the end of the day. Once again, this is a pretty straight forward, easy drinking pilsner. 

 Konig Ludwig Weisse

This is probably my favorite hefeweissen on the Colonial shelves. The Bavarian Royal family had sole rights to brewing hefeweissens in Bavaria for 200 years, which is what you get in a bottle of Konig Ludwig. I think that last statement sums up the beer: two hundred years of brewing the same beer, it’s bound to be the best!

With hundreds of years of brewing expertise, German beer is hard to beat! As always, you can follow my personal UNTAPPD (jliddy09) to see what beers I've been trying lately.

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