BEYOND THE MUG: the Right Glass for the Right Beer


When you visit a bar, you’ll notice the variety of glasses for spirits service.  Martinis are served in Martini glasses, Scotch in a Glencairn, Bourbon in a rocks glass, etc.  The reasons aren’t just appearance or serving size; correct glassware has a huge effect on the taste and enjoyment of your beverage.  

When it comes to beer, there’s been a bit of skepticism about proper glassware.  The rise of craft beer and its superior flavors is changing that.  Here are 3 different styles of glassware that we keep in stock here at Colonial Wines and Spirits that will change your beer experience.

1.  THE GOBLET: best used with Belgian beers of all kinds—dubbels, tripels, or Belgian strongs.  This glassware is made with a wide mouth, which is perfect for deep sips, and unmatched head retention.

2.  THE SNIFTER: while brandy or other cordials are often served from this style, snifters are perfect for catching and displaying strong aromas.  This style of glassware is great for bigger, bolder beer, such as IPA's, double IPA's, and imperial stouts.

3.  THE TULIP: one of my favorites!  Tulip glasses are among the most versatile types of glassware for an aspiring beer nerd.  The flared head supports head retention, as well as capturing the beer’s unique aromas.  Its long stem enables swirling to open the beer’s bouquet.  The noble tulip glass works with any beer you put in it, but works especially well with more delicate beers, like golds, saisons, and sours.

Their good looks aside, these glassware styles are engineered to elevate and enhance the craft beer experience.  I can guarantee that, once you start using the proper glassware for your favorite styles, you'll never want to go back to drinking straight from the can, bottle or mug.  The right glassware will help you celebrate more.  Salut!