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It can be easy to forget in these intensely hot and humid days, but we’re already halfway through the summer of 2019, which means that football season is officially within a “blink and it’ll be here” time frame. Even those among us stringently opposed to all things pigskin know that beer and American football go together as famously as peanut butter and jelly. In 2015, Anheuser-Busch InBev paid $1.4 billion (with a b) for the right to call Bud Light the official beer of the NFL through 2022. Whether you’re watching the Arkansas Razorbacks (or whichever collegiate team that you favor) play for Saturday supremacy or rooting for your favorite NFL team on Sunday (go Steelers!), it’s hard to watch even part of a quarter without being inundated with advertising – both overt and subliminal – for some suds, and that can tend to make one thirsty.

Fear not, because that’s where your friends at Colonial come in to play. Like veteran players at skill positions, we’re here to win the game for you with the best selection of craft beer available in the state of Arkansas—at prices that are significantly more reasonable than Super Bowl ad time. Our Celebration Specialists can help you call the option for any game situation. Here are just a few examples.


Hosting a fantasy draft party? Make some bacon-wrapped grilled stuffed jalapenos and pick up a Sixpoint Jammer Sampler to make sure there’s something to appeal to everybody in the league (and laugh when they’re far less picky about who they draft. Did Gary just take a kicker in the fifth round? Classic Gary.)


Invited over to the in-laws to watch the afternoon SEC game? Bring over a plate of chocolate Guinness cupcakes and a six pack of recent Arkansas arrival Omar Porter from Crane Brewing.


And maybe it’s just you and the family for that week 3 barn-burner in prime-time between the Rams and the Browns (did you EVER, in your wildest dreams, imagine that the Browns would be playing multiple nationally televised games that we would actually be interested in?). Sure, you *could* order a pizza and call it a night… or you could make some buffalo chicken cheese dip to enjoy with a twelve pack of locally made Lost Forty The Hunter a delightful Oktoberfest brew that will remind you that cooler weather (and an inevitable Cleveland collapse) will be on the way soon.

Whatever your circumstances, fandom, game, or occasion, Colonial is here to make sure you get the right beer to celebrate more football.

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