By Josh Liddy

Colonial had the pleasure of hosting Great Raft from Shreveport, Louisiana, for a tasting to showcase the release of their seasonal double IPA, Grace and Grit. Lucky for us, we got to try this beer two days after it was packaged; it was incredibly fresh. It was a fantastic beer! So good, in fact, that we sold out during the tasting!  (Never miss another Tasting Event; sign up for our e-newsletter on our home page.) The citrus was very prevalent on the nose and equally so on the taste. The bitterness was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the honey malt. This beer was a 10/10 for me and is probably one of my new favorite double IPAs.

If double IPAs aren't your thing, why not grab one of their awesome year-round brews? Their session pale lager, the Southern Drawl, is a great warm-weather pick. An easy drinking, German style lager that will go along perfectly with a day at the pool. 

Their Commotion APA is a great American pale ale. On the nose, you get a heavy fruit aroma, and in that first sip you get a refreshing hint of grapefruit and citrus.

Lastly, the Reasonably Corrupt black lager is a great dark malt lager. Don't let the color put you off, this black lager is sweeter than you'd think! A very easy and accessible black lager perfect for your weekend BBQ.

Click to see what we've got at the Growler Station this week!

Click to see what we've got at the Growler Station this week!

Clark Trim