By Dylan Whitsett

Barrel aged beer is quite the interesting brew! This is an interesting topic to write about because of the immense possibilities that this process can produce. Bourbon barrels, Scotch barrels, whiskey barrels, and even all the different variants of wine barrels--in barrel aged beer, the possibilities are almost endless. The best known type of this style is probably Bourbon barrel aged beer, and I believe what the late, great Michael Jackson (the beer expert, not the King of Pop) meant when he said that the U.S.A has the most innovative and fine beer in the world.  And what is more American than Bourbon? So Bourbon barrel aged beer was the original trailblazer, but there are so many different types of barrel aged beer in our store. 

What can you expect from a barrel aged beer?

From Bourbon barrels, you can expect the classic notes of Bourbon. Fine oak, vanilla, and a little char, it's no wonder this is the first thing that comes to mind when folks think of barrel aged beers!

White wine barrels will, of course, vary based on the wine. On average, you'll notice a slight dryness, the subtle aroma of white grapes, and a slight kiss of oak.

My personal favorite is rum barrel aged beer, and to my eternal frustration, it seems to be almost impossible to find. If you ever see some, I advise you to snap it up ASAP. Rum barreled beers are outstanding. The beer normally helps cut the cloying sweetness of the rum, and to my taste there is a hint of toasted marshmallow and flame-kissed sugar. Truly delicious.

Barrel aged beers are a marvel to pop open, pass around, and enjoy with friends. I promise you, I'm not giving you fake BREWs.

Clark TrimComment