By Josh Liddy


It's that time of year again: pumpkin spiced candles, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, and my personal favorite – pumpkin beer! A quick history on pumpkin beers; in Colonial times, during the fall harvest, pumpkin and squash were used as a fermenting medium due to the scarcity of barley at time. There was a reignited interest in pumpkin beers in the early 1990's, which has given us the awesome beers we have today. I don't know about you, but I look forward to this time of the year, every year. I know as soon as those leaves start changing color, the pumpkin beers are right around the corner. Unfortunately, we will be getting a smaller selection than we have previously, but fear not! These are some of my favorite versions of the style.

Core Brewery – Pumpkin Pie v.2

So this is our only (packaged) local option for pumpkin beer, but it is one you need to try. There isn't much going on as far as aroma on this one, but on the palate, there is a nice balance of spices and a very mild hint of pumpkin. This is the perfect beer for someone who does not want an overly pumpkin, pumpkin beer. 


Mother's Brewing Company – Mr. Pumpkin

Mother's never disappoints. I can't think of one beer they've done that i haven't liked and this is no exception. I had the pleasure of trying this year's version at Little Rocktoberfest and it is a must have pumpkin ale this season. The balance of malts, pumpkin, and spice is perfect. It isn't too sweet and finishes perfectly. The aroma is just like pumpkin pie in a glass! I think the brewers say it best on this one..."skip the pie for a pint." 

Schlafly Beer – Pumpkin Ale

If you talk to any of us in the store, I think this is going to be the unanimous favorite. If you want pumpkin pie in a bottle, look no further. This beer is sweet and full of seasonal spices, just like your grandma's homemade pumpkin pie. The aroma is mouthwatering and does not disappoint on the palate. And at 8% ABV this is more stout than most pumpkin beers but, as stated above, does not take away from the sweetness whatsoever. I HIGHLY suggest you pick up a six pack of this awesome beer.

Autumn is here and these beers are ready to be drank! Come by and pick up a six pack, and as always, you can follow us on UNTAPPD at Colonial Wine & Spirits to see what we have to offer and my personal UNTAPPD (jliddy09) to see what beers I've been trying lately.