By Dylan Whitsett

I've learned over the years that Belgian beers are my real favorite in the beer world. The Gulden Draak is consistently among my top 3 picks. So imagine my delight when I discovered they make a whiskey-barrel aged version!

The barrel aging takes this animal of a beer and turns it into a true mythical beast. The beast has very fruity aromas, strongly reminiscent of apples, with that classic Belgian yeasty goodness that I love so well. There are strong notes of toffee, caramel, and nice tingly spiciness throughout. What strikes me most about this beer is how insanely creamy it is! At an ABV of 10.5, and in a 750 ml bottle, this is a beer to sit down and have a long conversation with. 

$18.99 a bottle, but if you come in on Brewsday Tuesday, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on Gulden Draak and all other craft beers.

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Clark Trim