By Colin Maxwell

The world of craft beer is in constant flux.  As competition becomes increasingly stiffer, and as breweries young and old, big and small find themselves stretched beyond their capacity to supply these ever-emerging new markets, even some of the largest players have begun to feel the pinch.  Often for a new brewery to rise, another must inevitably fall.  And so it is with heavy hearts that we must announce the departure of the venerable Summit Brewing from the Arkansas market.  The St. Paul, Minnesota brewery, having seen their growth in steady decline nationwide during recent months, has chosen to pull back and focus on their home market. 

Summit is a brand that we at Colonial Wines and Spirits supported from the moment they landed.  We lauded them for both their dependability and their innovation.  Saga IPA, among others, became a staple in the homes of many a Colonial employee.  The good folks at Summit, for their part, were always appreciative of Arkansas and the business we did for them here, never taking our fair state for granted while we consistently outsold some of our neighboring states with the brand.  And while we are certainly sad to see Summit go, as we have been for so many others, we would also like to thank them for providing us with some of our favorite beers during their time here in Arkansas, and to wish them well in the coming years, whatever they may bring.  

However, every story should have a silver lining and, though ours is bittersweet, we are happy to announce that, for now, there is still plenty of Saga IPA and Extra Pale Ale available, and that Colonial Wines and Spirits would like to celebrate the brewery’s time in Arkansas by offering some unbeatable sales on our entire remaining inventory of Summit beer.  

Until the moment they’re gone, all 6 packs of Summit Extra Pale Ale and Saga IPA will be featured in our store for $6.99, while 12 packs of Summit Saga IPA will be discounted to $11.99.  Please join us in bidding a fond farewell to these titans of beer as they begin their next journey. 

Thanks again, Summit.  We’ll see you around.

Clark Trim